HSK Chinese Language

HSK Chinese Language:


8 Hours of Chinese Language Studies + 1 Hour Review Session per week

Optional Classes:

Learn Chinese through movies

Chinese Poetry (For advanced students)

Chinese Speech and Debate (For advanced students)

Chinese Literature (For advanced students)


Chinese courses offered at GFC target the HSK exams (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) which is the Chinese Proficiency Test for foreigners. The HSK exams are at the end of each term and all students are encouraged to take the exams. The HSK certificate and credentials are often required to work or study in China. The HSK skill levels include: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.  All levels seek to enhance students’ Chinese proficiency and cover areas including listening and speaking, and reading and writing.

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tudents practice speaking Mandarin as they prepare for the HSK 1 Exam.

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